HOLOGRAM Quest Rooms

We offer Hologram Technologies for owners and creators of quest rooms. Make your rooms ultramodern, bright, interesting and updated!
Your visitors will come to the new innovation worlds of images.
For example the Hologram Person it could be the ghost or any real character depends on your script. This Hologram can give instruction, scare, speak and encourage the visitors of the quest.

The pyramid with 3D image inside could be the tips, the keys, the answers and the questions of the quest.

The interactive walls and floor will easily take your visitor to an absolutely different place, like from the scare room to the beach in Thailand or from the doctor’s cabinet to the medieval castle.

Fogscreens with image floating in the air hologram will complete and quicken any script.

Remember the moment from the Star Wars, where the Hologram of princess Lei is floating in the air above the R2-D2 and calls the lies for help? What if we project the 3D image and now we can see not a fantasy, but reality.