Static Hologram

Static Hologram!

We present another new original and absolutely exclusive product.

Psychologists say to attract attention and interest of the people you have to do something different, broke the standard, tearing the template. For example, people dropping out of the door will not be ignoring ever! Our new content de author will gather crowds at your window. Of course, we’ll put your logo on the hologram and thousands eyes will notice and remember it. Because you will never forget it!

See it yourself:

To attract attention and advertising:
• shopping centers;
• in retail outlets;
• in the shops;
• in business centers;
• In the exhibition center;
• pharmacies;
• in showrooms;
• presentations and exhibitions;
• museums;
• in theaters;
• theaters, etc.

• Rear projection film
• Media player
• projector
• The memory card
• content
• Bracket (for mounting the projector)

Price 2599 EUR