3D Holographic Pyramid

3D Holographic Pyramid – is the latest projection system, which can display any 3D objects and animation. Having drawn any object previously in 3D, it can be demonstrated in a holographic pyramid. You can add various control modules to the pyramid, through which the user can interact with objects: select, rotate, enlarge or reduce them.
Holographic pyramid can be used as a brand new interactive advertising medium that allows the user to interact with the content referred to it. Holographic projection pyramid looks great in the major shopping and business centers, and can also serve as a beautiful installation on special and thematic exhibitions, forums and other events.
Holographic Pyramid will demonstrate flagship model of your product in innovative way, and become a real center of attraction for visitors. The fact that there is an opportunity to glimpse into the future even today causes genuine interest and sincere admiration. In the mind of every person hologram is strongly associated with future technologies. We offer pyramids 3D displays in different formats and sizes, from the smallest to the largest sizes (3 or more meters at the base).

Areas of use:
• Exhibition activities;
• Restaurants;
• Welcome zones;
• Presentations;
• Events;
• Trade area for demonstration anchor brands and new products / special offers;
• Reception zone;
• Luxury gifts for VIP persons – mini leather-wrapped pyramid in gift box. It is intended for location on the table.

At your request we will equip holographic pyramids with:
• Motion detectors. When it enters the detector’s active area, 3D video changes to another in the pyramid;
• System KINECT. It is an ability to control pre-installed content of projection pyramid at the distance;
• Branded rack under the complex;
• LEDs that illuminate the object located inside the Holographic pyramid complex and reproduced by holography device.

Price (Unit Price/EURO):
4 sides View 360–19″ – 1950,00
1 side view 180–22″ – 2100,00
3 sides view 270–22″ – 2350,00
Holocube–32″ – 2900,00
3 sides view 270–32″ – 3350,00
3 sides view 270–42″ – 4150,00

Prices and specifications you can download here.