Rear Projection Film

Youlalight Company offers the following types of rear projection films:

Transparency of the film allows you to see objects through the screen while the image is projected on it. But when the image appears on the screen, it is bright, thanks to its superior ability to scatter the incident light in front of the screen. Such film can be used in low-light and dark rooms.

Cost per 1 sq. m. – 100 Euro

White (matte) and double-sided white film projection with wide viewing angle
Excellent light scattering properties of this film make a light source behind her barely visible. Matte film can be used in mid-light rooms.

Cost per 1 sq. m. – 100 Euro

Gray and dark gray high contrast projection film with wide viewing angle
This high-contrast film has the property to keep the projected image with the same brightness and clarity even in frontal sunlight. Image looks clearer on it than on standard films. According to its characteristics, film can compete with a similar 3M Vikuiti film.

Cost per 1 sq. m. – 100 Euro

These solutions are used for:
• designing shops, restaurants, sports centers, shopping centers;
• equipping offices, conference and meeting rooms;
• organizing special events, promotions, PR communications;
• creating installations for exhibitions, museums, art events;
• design, architectural solutions, decoration.

Rear projection film technology
Rear projection film can be of any size and shape. This film has a multilayer structure and consists of a layer of microlenses, a black absorbent layer, a layer of transparent film, and an adhesive layer which allows the film to be glued to the surface.
Rear projection film is applied from the inner side to create an image on a glass surface (a storefront), and then the projector and other equipment are installed. The image is formed as a result of the light beam falling on the layer of microlenses in the film.