Laser advertising

The Youlalight company’s specialists develop the animation competently and professionally at any level, whether it’s a small picture or TV commercial.
Advertise with laser allows you to project images, texts and animations on any surface, attracting the most attention.

This type of advertising allows you to display:
- Logo and company slogan;
- The corporate symbols;
- Any text with congratulations;
- Vector image products;
- Commercials.

Compared to other types of advertising, Youlalight advertising laser has a long list of advantages, such as brightness, creativity, scale and unusualness.
Laser projector – is a universal device that can be used both inside and outside the building. The size of the surface used for the projection of advertising can reach 10,000 square meters. Wall, a tall fence, roof or other relatively flat surface are ideal as screen for that.
Stranded laser beams create incredible things, look impressive and memorable, attracting worldwide attention. Your advertising will get the large scale, changing from boring advertising to bright show.

Where is creative use laser advertising:

Mobile laser advertising
Youlalight Company, also offers you to stand out among from your competitors and just make a spectacular impression with mobile laser advertisement.
Mobile laser advertising you can order on the agreed route, in one or more areas of the city of Kyiv. One mobile unit covers 30 days up to 30 homes.

Nonstandard Laser Advertising
Using nonstandard media, such as mountainous terrain, bridges, fountains or stadiums, allows to make a bright show, which has no boundaries. The place chosen for the projection of advertising, depends entirely on your preferences and desires. Youlalight helps you always stay one step ahead.


Laser advertising at the exhibition.
Laser equipment at the exhibition works as a means of attracting attention.

Laser illumination.
Each advertiser thought over what color to use for advertising, which would make it bright and garish. Someone will choose red, the other will prefer yellow, and someone uses laser illumination and win this battle.
The projection light advertising allows to project light in such way that the most informative fragments would stand out from all billboard.

Ordinary advertising billboard will carry much more information due to the possibility of projecting ticker, logo, illuminating the individual elements, or commercial that can be changed at any time by an advertiser.
We create a backlight for both new and existing advertising space.
This type of advertising emphasizes the uniqueness of the proposed product or service perfectly.
Laser and light illumination allows you to emphasize the most interesting and informative pieces of advertising. Thus, your next client certainly will be informed properly.

At night, when the usual advertising becomes invisible, Youlalight will tell people about your company.