Laser show

Youlalight’s laser show is a magnificent spectacle and original performance. You will add some originality throughout the show using laser show for your high day, corporate party, party, festival, theatrical production or any other celebration! We can turn any dream into living reality! Using completely new technologies will allow you to make a deep impression not only on visitors, guests, but also on your clients, to leave behind your competitors and add sophistication to any planned events. Laser equipment allows to make laser projection, both inside and outside the building, which will extend the possibilities of holding the show. There are many creative ways to use lasers at events. In general, they can be divided into two broad categories:

– Laser Beam Show – this is observation of rays in space.
In this case, the audience is watching the light laser effects such as cones, tunnels, waves in space. Special smoke generator or fog machine are commonly used for better perception.

– Laser Graphic Show – laser graphics on the plane.
In this case, a logo, an animated movie, advertising slogan, story or just entertaining laser show can be shown the audience. By virtue of Display technology images are vector, without padding and fine details. This is a limitation, but on the other hand, the image created by a laser beam, is more informative and has undeniable attractive effect on the audience than the usual video. Laser graphics can be projected on any relatively flat and light surface. The frontal, mesh, smoke, water and inflatable screens, the walls inside and outside of buildings, forests and even mountains can be used as the screen.

Laser show of the Youlalight company is an unforgettable sight.
This applies to concerts, clubs, corporate events, private parties, weddings, anniversaries or any other celebrations.

Dali Park

Dali Park

Dali Park
Laser show for Dali Park