Mobile Hologram

Youlalight created absolutely exclusive HOLOGRAMS, which you will not find anywhere in the world.
Experts in the marketing have proven long time ago, that for human eye the most interesting is FACE. That is why most of the advertising involving faces of models, actors, movie stars and then logos, graphic, landscape and other pictures.

We present for you the quintessence of innovation and classic of marketing – Mobile FACE Hologram. This is discovery in the marketing! Your showcase will affect every person. In the center of the Hologram we will put your logo.
We will attract buzz, interest and attention to your company!

The secret of the successful business is easy: more traffic-more clients – more money. You don’t want to loose your clients?
Go for it! Surprise! Lure! Sell!

Recommended application areas:
• Shop windows
• Stands outlets
• Offices
• Exhibitions
• Outdoor Advertising
• Restaurants, clubs, pubs
• Advertising and information displays

1. Rear projection film
2. Plastic
3. Rack
4. Media player
5. Projector
6. The memory card
7. Content
8. Mount for projector

Price 1999 EUR