Quest Box

QuestBox is the first Quest slot machine with a hologram and real mechanical puzzles.

The uniqueness and fascination of such quest box is that a very intriguing and addictive real story develops before your eyes. Players enter the game in which is necessary to find and solve all puzzles with the help of logical thinking and strength of intelligence. It is enough to have a basic logical thinking and watchfulness to solve most puzzles.

Questbox has hidden handles, secret levers, secret messages, holographic puzzles, gears, mechanisms, switches, a large number of secret latches, divisions, compartments and many others. Players are required using the controls to find clues and loopholes to open the locked boxes. The goal of the game is to solve all the puzzles and save the world.
The game is an interactive holographic 3D puzzle – quest with excellent graphics. Players are given a physical object with which players interact. The game has a hint system, where players receive hints gradually.
The game has beautiful music corresponding to the mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere.

• Intriguing plot
• Real mechanisms
• Holographic content
• Realistic graphics
• Innovative gameplay