Media system “Videoshowcase”

Video Showcase

Youlalight company represents an innovative way to design the outdoor advertising – Videoshowcase. This type of design means a video screen, which broadcasts certain kind of video clip. Projection screen provides a clear contrast reproduction of projected images or video. Dimensions of video window can be different and vary depending on the area of showcase space. With the help of projection showcase, ordinary glass design becomes a projection screen, attracting worldwide attention. Dynamic image which is broadcasted on the video screen showcases has wide viewing angle, so that at 140 ° image remains as contrast and bright. The principle of multimedia image on the screen consists of a rear projection film. Rear projection film is glued to the glass and using a special projector, video is broadcasted on the film.

Several standard variants of projection showcases:


Interactive video showcases
Interactive technologies make video showcases more “alive.” We additionally set motion capture module in the interactive version. Depending on the application, this module is configured on several zones of motion analysis: presence zone, active zone. Presence zone is enabled only in the simplest version. In this case, the media system operates in two modes – standby and active modes. Standby mode lasts until the moment when the viewer does not appear in presence zone. As soon as video showcase has detected viewer, active mode is activated and media system plays recorded video.
In more complex variants, in presence zone media system detects the presence of the viewer in the active zone and enters into a dialogue with him. Analyzing all the gestures and movements of viewer, media system instantly changes video sequence depending on the results of analysis. The video showcase behavior is not independent; we pre-program its reaction to the behavior of the viewer. Media system can perceive the movement as the whole person, and movements of individual body parts: hand and feet waving, head movements.
Digital video cameras, infrared and ultrasonic sensors are used in interactive module. Radiation from the interactive module is minimal and can not cause harm to humans.