Hologram «Virtual Worker»

Who is a “Virtual worker”?
This is a hologram. It is a virtual projection on a special glass or film. “The virtual worker” is programmed to perform posed to him functions – to promote your business products and services, to report the necessary information, attract the attention of potential customers, depending on your assigned task.
“Virtual worker” may have a human figure, or any other (animals, and the corporate character, and any other non-standard shapes). Video sequence of “virtual worker” may be associated with computer graphics, as well as photos and videos, and it perfectly complements worker’s speech. Any celebrity can be used as an actor for “virtual worker”.


How does it work?
• Our copywriters write the text of the advertising campaign, or factsheet;
• Customer chooses a model for a virtual worker from our catalog or offers his own, it can be a pretty girl or a solid man, a teenager, an old woman, anyone;
• The next step is to choose the appearance, manner of speaking and behavior for the virtual worker, to select clothes, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle;
• When all the details are approved by the customer, we start shooting. It is possible to add various special effects, sounds, signs, etc. upon request during the processing of video.
• Finally, our experts create a media system; make installation and setup of all necessary parameters.

The advantages of “Virtual worker”:
• “Virtual worker” works 24 hours a day, without lunches and smoke breaks, it is never late;
• “Virtual worker” does not talk on the phone; it never gets sick;
• “Virtual worker” is always in a good mood and has no problems – always neatly dressed;
• “Virtual worker” does not annoy customers (visitors, clients) excessive obsession;
• “Virtual worker” creates a positive attitude towards the brand (trademark or company);
• “Virtual worker” attracts considerable interest as Know-How;
• “Virtual worker” may take any forms;
• Wide range of video content.

Where can it be used?
Media system “Virtual worker” will represent your company at various trade shows and presentations. Depending on the profile of your business, it will work on promotion events in shopping centers or at the entrance to the restaurant, bank and pharmacy.

According to statistical data of our customers, “Virtual worker” increases sales by 40% due to excitement and interest of potential customers to the new product.
Prepossessing external appearance, perfect knowledge of information and a sense of novelty attracts the crowds to the virtual worker, and hence to your products!