Technical features of Virtual Worker Media System

Virtual Worker Media System is a silhouette of a human figure with the projected video image from the back side to this figure. Figure can be either human contour or other contours – it can be animals, and the corporate character and any other non-standard shapes.

Any celebrity can be used as an actor for Virtual worker.

Video sequence of Virtual worker may be associated with computer graphics, as well as photos and videos, and it perfectly complements worker’s speech.
In the production of Virtual worker we are creating a unique construction, design and adapt it fully to the clients’ needs. Working with the project, we aim to make quality and reliable product.

For operation with media system it is enough a standard outlet to connect the projector, media player and audio speakers.

Technology of shooting video sequences
Actors are the only professional who have studied Acting technique at higher education institutions and have theater experience.
Professional video production studio conducts video sequence shooting of Virtual worker for us. The footage goes to the video editing engineers. Video clip is created by using special software.

Laser Cutting Technology
Materials from video sequence are used for making figures of Virtual worker as a result video does not dazzle the viewer, and light flow from the projector does not go beyond contours of the figures.
We use laser cutting technology to make a figure of Virtual worker and plexiglass rack. All structural elements are processed using high-precision device.
The construction is collapsible, making it easy to move Virtual worker.

Rear Projection Technology
Rear projection technology lies at the basis of Virtual worker media system. Due to the unique properties of the rear projection film, Virtual worker is able to show bright and contrast video. Viewing angle reaches 180 °, which provides coverage of a fairly large space and attracts the attention of a large number of spectators.
Rear projection film has a multilayer structure. A layer of microcrystals absorbs and repeatedly reinforces the directional light from the projector. Light from the projector passes through the microlenses of crystals and scatters at different angles in the direction of the viewer.

An interactive Virtual Worker
More information regarding opportunities and work of interactive Virtual worker media systems can be found here.